Sunday, 8 May 2016

Numeracy Session

Students of Ropu Puawai all engrossed in various Numeracy Activities.  Today we did our Numeracy Knowledge weekly test followed by practising our focus area.
We then played a Numeracy game and had some time on Sumdog trying to improve our score.

Summa and Jordi working on a Bubble Puzzle
Year 7 Boys  challenging each other.

 Micheal and Destin concentrating on a Bubble Puzzle

 Jenny, Jorja, Caitlin, Jasmin logging into Sumdog
 Ben, Daniel and Ryaz completing a practise sheet.
 Olivia, Charlotte and Kyla working on a Sumdog activity
 Andy and Matthew working in the independent area on a practise sheet.
 Ben Leon, Caleb and Will getting their counters ready for the Numeracy game.
 Wendy, Jordon and Levi log into Sumdog
 Rachel and Phoebe concentrating on a Sumgdog game.
 Logan working independently on a practise sheet.
Jordan, Campbell and Indy helping each other with Multiplication playing the game six shooters.

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