Sunday, 3 April 2016

Puawai students are trying their hand at a spot of Upcycling, after being inspired by our visit to Xtreme Waste in Raglan.  
Students were given a brief in which they had to follow.  

They are having a lot of fun creating their idea. 

 Team work.

More team work.  Awesome to see groups working together.

Already a final product.  
Totally inspired from Camp Raglan where a replica of this can be seen hanging on the deck.

This wind chime is awesome.  It sounds great in the wind.  
Made from old pipes, keys and bed springs.

 Awesome collaboration going on between Devon and Campbell.  
A very unique friendship pole that they are constructing.

 Indy has made a super cute snow globe using plastic toy creatures, a jar and glitter.

 This project is serious.  Will totally focussed on his computer parts.

 Kyan gets another coat of paint onto his bird feeder.

 Kyla is making a very impressive seat.

Josh has put shelves into his organiser.

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